A SELF-TAUGHT artist from East Lancashire is to have her work featured at an art gallery in Greece as part of a competition.

In July, Ursula McCormack’s art will feature alongside pieces from artist all over the world at Art 23 Gallery in Athens.

Ursula, from Mellor, submitted four pieces of art to the gallery and three were accepted for the competition.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ursula McCormackUrsula McCormack

While it is for an art competition with a winner being selected at the end of the exhibition, Ursula said she is just grateful her work is being showcased.

Ursula, 50, said: “I applied to an open call for artists from all over the world with four pieces of art.

“I didn’t think I would get through as I am relatively new to the art world and still learning.

“A week later I got an email through saying three pieces have been accepted.

“There is a monetary prize but that’s not what drew me in, I liked the idea of having art in a gallery abroad.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Steampunk-inspired piece by Ursula McCormackSteampunk-inspired piece by Ursula McCormack

A steampunk inspired piece, abstract art in neon colours, and more traditional painting using silicone and paint are the three pieces of art that will be showcased in Athens.

Ursula said it took “weeks” to finish all three.

She said: “The curators loved that they were strong pieces and also liked the use of metal in the steampunk piece.”

Ursula says the recognition means a lot to her after the time and passion she put into the projects.

Lancashire Telegraph: Erupted emotions by Ursula McCormackErupted emotions by Ursula McCormack

She said: “When you create a piece of art you put yourself out there and feel like you are opening yourself up.

“It is my family and children who pushed me to do this as I don’t have much confidence.

“When I got selected it was amazing that someone else is verifying that your art is actually good and interesting.”

Ursula, who owns a business called Acrylic Fluid Creations, is best known for her unique resin and fluid acrylic art.

After working in childcare and studying psychology, she decided to pursue a career in art around four years ago.

When her mother passed away, Ursula said there was a “void” in her life which she decided to fill with creativity and art.

She said: “I always enjoyed art and one day decided to give fluid art a go.

“It took off from there and before I knew it people were asking to buy the pieces of art and home accessories on Facebook and Instagram.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ice and Fire by Ursula McCormackIce and Fire by Ursula McCormack

“I am doing something that I absolutely love, when you see your artwork in people’s homes it is an amazing feeling.

Ursula encourages everyone to pursue their passion.

She said: “When we get to a certain age and your kids are all grown up our role changes. You start to  wonder what to do with yourself.

“If you have a passion then follow it – give it a try as you have nothing to lose.”