EAST Lancashire Tory MPs Sara Britcliffe and Antony Higginbotham have welcomed Boris Johnson's win in last night's vote of no confidence.

They have now called on him to focus on the issues raised by their constituents as the party tries to get back on track after the damaging Partygate scandal, criticisms around handling of the pandemic and cost of living crisis, and now the no confidence vote which revealed 41 per cent of the Prime Minister's MPs want him gone.

The Prime Minister won the vote by 211 to 148 leaving some claiming it will leave him too damaged to survive long in his post.

A higher percentage of MPs voted for him to go that revolted against Theresa May, John Major and Margaret Thatcher, all of whom inevitably exited power swiftly after the vote.

Hyndburn MP Sara Britcliffe, the 2019 Red Wall-buster who voted for Mr Johnson, said the focus now "from the top" had to be delivering for people and rebuilding trust with the electorate.

Lancashire Telegraph: Sara Britcliffe, Hyndburn MPSara Britcliffe, Hyndburn MP

Fellow Red Wall MP, Burnley's Mr Higginbotham, who also backed the Prime Minister, said Johnson had won a "clear majority" and he now had to "start focussing on the issues people are raising on the doorstep".

Blackburn's Labour MP Kate Hollern said the leadership poll result left the Conservative Party "too divided to govern".

Ms Britcliffe said: "I think, now that we have had the vote, we all need to stop talking about ourselves and start talking about the British people and what we can deliver.

"For me this means what we can deliver across Hyndburn and Haslingden. I think that this is what the focus has to be on from the top.

"We need to build back trust."

Lancashire Telegraph: Burnley MP Antony HigginbothamBurnley MP Antony Higginbotham

Mr Higginbotham said: "I think that the Prime Minister won the vote by a clear majority and that is the end of it.

"Of course his position is tenable.

"It is now time for us to move on without this unnecessary distraction.

"It's is time for those on the other side to accept the vote and start focussing on the issues people are raising with us on the doorstep."

Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry said: "The Prime Minister won last night’s vote of confidence.

"We now need to move on and deliver on what really matters to people here in East Lancashire."

Pendle Tory MP and transport minister Andrew Stephenson, who also voted for Mr Johnson, said: "The vote is enough for Mr Johnson to survive.

Lancashire Telegraph: The support of his Cabinet was vital in ensuring Boris Johnson survived the vote of no confidenceThe support of his Cabinet was vital in ensuring Boris Johnson survived the vote of no confidence

"I just hope my colleagues will now allow us to get back to the things people care about like the cost of living crisis and supporting the Ukranian people."

Ribble Valley Conservative MP Nigel Evans declined to comment in view of his position as deputy speaker of the House of Commons.

Mrs Hollern said: “Conservative MPs have made their choice and have chosen to ignore the British people.

"The Labour Party’s focus is to improve lives and restore trust in politics.

“The Conservative party is too divided to govern and has no plan to tackle the issue facing families in Blackburn and around the country.”

Meeting his Cabinet today after the vote, Johnson told his ministers cutting taxes will be central to regaining public support - after the tax burden under his premiership has risen to the highest in several decades.

He also wanted to "draw a line" under the various scandals and U-turns that have mired his leadership and "move on", but rebel MPs and former party top dogs have called on him to quit rather than "prolong the agony".