A new record has been set for the most amount of hair donated to a children's charity.

A whopping 50inches was chopped from Vicki Walkden's head so she could donate it to children's charity the Little Princess Trust.

The 41-year-old mum’s long locks could touch the floor before her almighty cut at Kim Carter Barbers near Preston.

Vicki, who has always had incredibly long hair, wanted her long locks to go to help a young person with hair loss.

She believes her last proper cut was when she was around 17 and says she developed a fear of the hairdressers after suffering a couple of nasty nicks when she was young.

Lancashire Telegraph: Graham Vaughton-Morris from the charity holds the record-breaking hair donation aloft.Graham Vaughton-Morris from the charity holds the record-breaking hair donation aloft.

The mum-of-three said: “I must have been a very fidgety child as I was cut twice around the ears.

“So I have just stayed away since and have just done the odd trim myself or asked my daughter to do it.”

Thankfully there were no problems when Kim Carter cut Vicki’s hair in Longridge last week.

Vicki continued: “Kim was fantastic.

“She always does such a good job with my kids and she didn’t charge me for the hair cut as she knew it was going to charity.”

Vicki said that she had previously tied her hair up in a bun and was left with just enough hair to continue to do this as she wanted her step-dad John, who has Alzheimers, to be able to recognise her.

Lancashire Telegraph: Vicki, left, and Kim CarterVicki, left, and Kim Carter

The 41-year-old admits she is still getting used to her new look but is extremely pleased to have had the big cut, adding: "I don’t have any regrets on cutting my hair as I know it’s going to the right place and will make someone else happy and give them a confidence boost."

The Little Princess Trust donates hair to children who may have lost theirs due to cancer or other conditions. 

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