POLICE have sent out a warning after young children were reported to be smashing windows and climbing onto the roof of derelict buildings.

Police said they had received reports that a small group of children were playing in and around the hospital grounds off Briercliffe Road, Burnley.

Officers said the group were "smashing windows and gaining entry to the buildings", and on several occasions finding their way on to the roof.

PC Glegg and PCSO Cozens posted: “These buildings are in a derelict state with broken floorboards, broken windows with glass shards scattered inside and out.

“Fires have also been found in these buildings, all of which could cause injury or death.

“Please, if you have young children, can you speak to them about the dangers of entering buildings of this nature as they are boarded for a reason.

"We do not want to be informing parents that their child has been seriously injured because of this.

“Dangerous buildings are not a playground so please keep out.”