DARWEN'S virtual pub quizmaster Jay Flynn has been to Westminster to discuss homelessness.

The 40-year-old who entertained the nation during lockdown spent two years on the streets of London before coming to East Lancashire.

Mr Flynn met Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry in the Houses of Parliament to discuss the issue and the success of his ‘Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz’ which raised £1.2million for good causes.

He explained to the Conservative backbencher the story of how he became homeless, and the support he is also now giving charities to ensure other people don’t have the same fate befall on them.

The central issue of their chat was the 1832 Vagrancy Act, which the Government has committed to repealing, but hasn’t yet followed through with.

Mr Flynn and Mr Berry discussed the importance of repealing this legislation along with the work they can do together in the future to raise awareness for the campaign.

The MP said: “It was fantastic to have a catch-up with Jay today to discuss the huge success of his online pub quizzes, along with the hugely important work he is doing to tackle homelessness around the UK. His tenacity and will to help is fantastic and I really hope by working together in the future, we can raise awareness to scrap the Vagrancy Act”.

Mr Flynn said: “It was great to meet Jake today, my local MP.

"It was my first time visiting Houses of Parliament, meeting with key individuals who share my passion and interest in homelessness and in particular repealing the Vagrancy Act.

"Thanks to Jake for the hospitality and continued support”.