CONCERNS about building three new homes at a remote farm will be discussed by councillors.

The proposal for the four-bedroomed two-storey detached houses has generated seven objections

Mr and Mrs T Spooner want to demolish a set of equestrian buildings at Jennet House Farm in Radfield Road, Darwen.

This will cut the current 22 stables to just 10.

Nearby residents are concerned about the condition of the access road, increased traffic and its impact on the safety of walkers, vehicles, dogs and horses; and the impact on wildlife.

The application for the scheme will be debated at Blackburn with Darwen Council's planning committee tomorrow/today (THURSDAY).

A planning officer's report tells councillors: "This proposal relates to the demolition of a range of equestrian buildings and the erection of three detached dwellings and garages.

"A number of objections were received, covering a range of issues, but predominantly relating to the condition of the existing access track.

"A proposed fourth dwelling was removed from the scheme, thereby allowing for more space for landscaping, reducing traffic, and meaning the remaining dwellings would be spaced more irregularly which would have multiple benefits, including minimising the visual impact of the proposal, ensuring overlooking / separation distances were respected, and allowing for more landscaping and retention of the best trees."

The Council’s highways officer considers the proposal would not generate any extra traffic movements due to the loss of 12 stables before the construction of the three houses..

The revised scheme is recommended for approval.