MANCHESTER AIRPORT is making headlines once again as customers report experiencing “absolute and complete chaos” while queuing for security.

Today numerous social media users have vented their frustrations about waiting to board their flight, complaining of long delays checking in and going through security.

Manchester Airport said the longest security queue today was 60 minutes long. They advised customers to arrive three hours before their flight is expected to depart to give themselves plenty of time to get through to their gate.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hell on earth this morning at Manchester Airport - avoid it like the plague!

"Absolute and complete chaos.”

“The queues at Manchester Airport are just as grim as I imagined… glad I got here early,” wrote another.

Manchester Airport is still an absolute nightmare! Mental queues.

“Arrived three hours early still needed to ask to skip the wait at security so to not miss the flight.

“Are they just really understaffed I don’t get it? And if so, why can’t they hire more people?”

Another said: “My daughter, niece and nephew all flying out this morning… they had to be pulled out of the line, to get the flight.

“Absolute chaos. Get your act together. Ruining holidays.”

Kev Lowes said: “Two hours to get through bag drop and security at T2 (and only because we were ushered through as it was final call).

“Staff were great but the organisation an absolute shambles and beyond a joke.

“Worst pre-flight experience I have ever had.”



However, not every customer was dissatisfied and many other reported getting through security with little issue.

One person said: ”I found there were no major queues at check in or security. Staff were all very pleasant and helpful as always.”

“No such problems at Manchester Airport,” wrote another. “We sailed through.”

In recent days, some customers have also experiences baggage delays at the airport.

One customer said: “On the ground for nearly an hour now and no sign of baggage or explanation. Appalling service all round.

“It was around two hours before any baggage appeared in the terminal! It was very chaotic,” said another.

A Manchester Airport spokesperson “apologised” to customers who were unhappy with their experience adding the longest security wait time today is 60 minutes.

They said: “We apologise to any passengers whose experience at Manchester Airport this morning was not how they would like it to be.

“As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we continue to advise customers there may be some times when security queues are longer than usual, which is why we advise people to arrive three hours before their flights.

“On Tuesday morning, while the vast majority of people passed through security in under 30 minutes, waiting times peaked at around one hour in one of our terminals for a brief period of time, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

“By 7am, security queues in all three terminals had improved significantly, and were as low as 15 minutes in the best case.

“We are also aware some passengers reported delays when checking in with their airline, and collecting baggage on their return.

“All parts of the aviation sector are experiencing challenges linked to the rapid recovery from the pandemic and we are working hard with all our partners, including handling agents, airlines and others to deliver the best possible service we can in the circumstances.”

With the upcoming half term and summer holidays, Manchester Airport to expect to see longer-than-usual queues at times.

However, they are currently recruiting extra staff to combat the lengthy wait times.