AN East Lancashire MP has called for greater focus on dementia diagonsis following last week's Dementia Action Week.

In the UK, there is estimated to be more than 850,000 people living with dementia - 771 of whom live in Jake Berry MP's Rossendale & Darwen constituency - accounting for 0.8 per cent of people living there.

Every year, Alzheimer’s UK seeks to raise awareness of the effects of dementia and encourage individuals and organisations to act.

This year’s Dementia Action Week ran from May 16 to 22 and the theme was diagnosis.

As well as the misconception around memory loss just being part of getting old, Alzheimer’s UK’s research found being in denial, and referral times to specialists, are big barriers for those experiencing symptoms to seek a diagnosis. 

During Dementia Action Week, they encouraged those who might be living with, or close to someone who might be living with, undiagnosed dementia to: 

  • be able to understand and recognise potential dementia symptoms 
  • come to us for guidance and support 
  • feel empowered to take the next step 
  • improve the diagnosis process for both them and healthcare professionals.

Jake Berry said: “Dementia is still a disease that many of his still have little understanding of however according to the latest consensus its set to affect a record number of people.

“So, I was pleased this week to join Laurence Geller CBE to discuss the work his organisation is developing and the forthcoming Geller Commission, which will provide pivotal research needed to accelerate trials for the treatment of dementia.

“However, we need to do everything possible now to raise awareness of dementia symptoms and encourage people to take the next step to get a diagnosis and support.”