THE small town of Great Harwood has a fantastic reputation for being the home of a busy, bustling high-street full of award-winning independent shops, cafes and bars – so when I was asked to test out the town’s newest addition, I was only too happy to oblige.

Now before we go any further let’s start with a disclaimer – I am one of ‘those’ people from a generation that is likely to spend more on treats for their dog than on themselves.

While I acknowledge this may not be everybody’s cup of tea, I can think of little other thing that brings me more happiness than seeing my best pal living his best life.

Now let me introduce you to Henri, my recently turned one-year-old Greek rescue.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Henri Papadopoulos

Hen hasn’t had the smoothest start to life on our earth, and after he was transported to the UK with his littermates he soon found himself back in emergency foster care, after his adopters decided they couldn’t keep him.

He is my hiking buddy, comfort blanket and home security system all rolled into one gangly, over-excitable bundle. He fits perfectly into my homelife and I’ll stop at nothing to make sure he’s a happy hound.

As with most dogs, the lad lives for his food – and that’s where Great Harwood’s Perfect Pet Patisserie and Gift shop comes into the mix.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Victoria Keating 

Located in the former home of the Finch Bakery, the doggy deli sells an array of treats – including pizzas, cookies and even pies lovingly made with special ingredients just for your pooch.

I was overwhelmed by the selection on offer and so decided to buy a handful of different treats to bring home.

I visited the day before Hen’s estimated first birthday, so when I saw the edible birthday cards and happy birthday cookies on display, I knew I had to buy them.

I also opted for a slice of cheesy dog pizza, a ‘chocolate biscuit’ and a pooch-friendly waffle – which are customised whatever which way you’d like.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Hen eating his birthday card and sampling a doggy waffle

After hearing about the dozens of toppings available, I selected crème cheese, blueberries and venison nibbles for Henri’s waffle.

Such was his excitement for the bag of goodies I walked through the door with, I couldn’t even get him to sit still for what in my mind was going to be an Instagram-worthy photoshoot featuring him drooling over his doggy delights.

Instead, I’m afraid, you’re stuck with these somewhat blurry snaps which were taken over several days.

Lancashire Telegraph:

I was surprised at the great value of the treats, with the haul setting me back just over £12, so there really is something to suit all budgets.

Owner and baker-in-chief Victoria Keating was fantastic in explaining all of the different products on offer, and gave a clear run-down of all of the ingredients in her recipes so I could make sure I was making the right choices for Henri’s likes and dislikes (not that many exist of the latter).

By far his favourite of the bunch was his happy birthday cookie, which he spent a good half an hour charging after me for, even when it was all gone.

Lancashire Telegraph:

It’s a serious old world out there, but Victoria’s bakery is sure to provide a welcome bit of enjoyment for you and your pet – be that for a special occasion or just because you can.

While I can’t see myself making weekly visits to the shop (sorry mate, don’t get used to it), I’ll certainly be visiting again to mark a special event or occasion.

You can find out more about Perfect Pet Patisserie and Gift shop here.