NEW AERIAL footage has emerged of riders stranded on a popular Blackpool Pleasure Beach ride as it broke down at the weekend.

A "stoppage" occurred on the 235ft tall ‘Big One’ yesterday, May 15, leaving riders stranded on the ride's ascent. 

Thrillseekers were stuck on the ride for more than 20 minutes but were reassured by Blackpool Pleasure Beach Staff.

Lancashire Telegraph: Thrillseekers stranded on Pleasure Beach's 'Big One'. (Credit: JC Photography),Thrillseekers stranded on Pleasure Beach's 'Big One'. (Credit: JC Photography),

The ride resumed as normal at 4.15pm with no other issues reported.

In the aerial footage, captured by JC Photography, riders can be seen on the ride’s ascending ramp.

Later we see Pleasure Beach staff walking alongside the ride carriages while talking to those on board.

A Blackpool Pleasure Beach spokesperson said: “At 2.40pm on Sunday, May 15, a stoppage occurred on the Big One with the train on the ride’s lift hill.  

“Guests on the ride were reassured by Blackpool Pleasure Beach staff.  

“After 20 minutes the ride was restarted, continued its duration and returned to the ride station. The ride resumed operation at 4.15pm.”

It’s not the first time the ride has made headlines.

Last April, riders were left stranded and then had to walk down the emergency steps from the top of The Big One after it broke down just as it was due to descend the ride's biggest drop. 

Staff at the seaside resort's theme park had to climb to the top of the ride before guiding the people to safety.

The Big One was constructed in 1994 and has been a popular ride at the coastal amusement park ever since.

It can reach speeds of up to 85mph and was once the tallest, fastest and steepest steel rollercoaster in the world.