A lion who was king of the pride at a Lancashire zoo has sadly died.

Wallace, who was almost 16-years-old, was the king of the pride at Blackpool zoo and sadly died on Friday. 

The African lion underwent pre-transfer tests in anticipation of him moving while work was carried out on the Big Cat House at the zoo.

Sadly, several age related health conditions were identified and all possible options were explored, but eventually both the animal team and the veterinary experts concluded that the kindest thing was to put Wallace to sleep.

A statement released by Blackpool Zoo on Friday read: "Wallace’s massive personality was matched only by his impressive roar and he will be greatly missed.

"His legacy will live on in Khari (his son) who has been moved to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo while the Big Cat House at Blackpool is being renovated.

"We are now in discussions with other UK zoos to decide which lions will be joining him to create a new pride.

"Khari will become the head of the group and it will return to Blackpool Zoo when the new facility is open in Spring 2023.

"Alyona, our Amur Tiger, has taken up residence in a new home at Woodside Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire.

"She will initially live in her own facility, which is purpose built to meet the needs of tigers, while further discussions take place regarding a suitable companion ahead of her return to Blackpool next year.

"We will keep you up to date with all Khari and Alyona’s latest news in the coming months."