More than 150 mature cannabis plants have been found in a house just days after police uncovered a similar haul in the same neighbourhood.

On Friday, police from the Preston neighbourhood police task force visited a second address in the Plungington area of the city, after attending a property in the same area on Wednesday.

Officers found and seized around 150 mature cannabis plants on Friday, and adding them to the amount seized on Wednesday, brings the total seized this week to 300. 

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police also said the electricity had been bypassed, which poses a significant danger to neighbouring properties in the terraced block. 

A spokesperson for the police said: "Preston NHP Task Force have today attended another address in the Plungington area of Preston and seized approximately 150 mature cannabis plants, which is in addition to the address that was disrupted on Wednesday May 11.

"This action continues to disrupt organised crime and helps to make the residents of Preston feel safer on their streets.

"Although there are mixed opinions on social media with regards to police seizing and disrupting cannabis, please consider cannabis cultivations sometimes have direct links to human trafficking and violent crime, for which intervention is absolutely needed.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"Also bear in mind just how dangerous the abstracted electrics are within these properties, which have a tendency to be terraced houses.

"It's so important that we make sure neighbouring families are kept safe, as property fires can absolutely be caused by faulty electrics."