A FUNNY TikTok video filmed at a Lancashire restaurant has gone viral, taking the social media world by storm after amassing millions of views.

In the video, Jodie Bell and her colleagues at The Horns Inn pub at Churchtown, near Garstang, are polishing cutlery. However, a 'sad face filter' has been put on their faces which makes it seem as if they are crying.

As she pans across their ‘crying’ faces, the song ‘It’s The Hard Knock Life’, from the musical Annie, is playing in the background.

@jodiebell8 Reply to @fer.orca ♬ It's The Hard Knock Life - Annie Movie

Video creator, Jodie, has posted two versions of the video – one with the backing music and one without.

Together, they have amassed more than 26 million views and counting, with thousands of people commenting on the "hilarious" videos.

Jodie, 21, said the reaction has been “crazy” adding that she never expected the videos to go viral when she posted them earlier this week.

She said: “Honestly it’s absolutely crazy.

"Everyone loved it; when we posted it we only expected it to get about 50 likes from friends and family.

“I got my phone out and started filming just to have a laugh and see what they would look like with the crying face filter; because we were polishing cutlery it just made it funnier.

“Someone commented on the original asking if we could put the ‘Hard Knock Life’ song over it and it just blew up… it is still blowing up.”

Jodie, from Garstang, thinks many viewers might be able to relate to one of the less desirable tasks in the hospitality industry.

She said: “I think it was just relatable. Anyone in the industry will know that polishing cutlery at the end is just one of the worst tasks you can possibly do on the job.”

As well as millions of views, Jodie also gained more than 60,000 followers from the video and says her managers found it “hilarious”.

She said: “We’re all really proud of our team and how closely we work together while having a laugh at the same time, it doesn’t even feel like work sometimes.

"They found it hilarious and I am planning to post more regularly to the app now.

“We are coming up with more content ideas to post in the future.”

A spokesperson for the gastropub said: “Jodie is one of our team leaders at The Horns and always loves a good Snapchat filter.

“As the story says they had a very busy Sunday shift with over 400 covers, when they were handed all the cutlery to polish last thing at night.”

Watch the video on Jodie's TikTok account, @jodiebell8.