MOTORISTS visiting a popular park have ignored appeals from a councillor and a police community service officer to park more considerately.

In February, a Darwen resident was horrified to find Inverness Road, near the town's Bold Venture Park, choc-a-bloc with parked cars, some of which had been dumped by selfish motorists on double yellow lines.

He sent dashcam photographs to local councillor Dave Smith and PCSO John Kirk, calling for action to tackle the anti-social and illegal parking.

Both Cllr Smith and PCSO Kirk have urged drivers visiting the green space to park more carefully and show more consideration.

But now the resident has been back in touch saying the problem has only got worse as the weather improves and more people flock to the park to enjoy a day out.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: "Now they have started parking on double yellow lines on the other side of the road.

"Just wait until we get some proper warm weather and people turn out in force.

"People parking on the yellow line beyond the park gate make it very difficult for local people turning into Inverness Road and Manor Road.

"Slowly but surely the cars I've seen on the double yellow lines have got progressively nearer to the gate each time.

"How soon before we have an accident because there are several cars parked around the corner from Belgrave Road?

"Inevitably cars are going to start being left closer and closer to the junction."

PCSO Kirk, from the Darwen Neighbourhood Policing Team, told the resident: "If you can let me know the days and times which are particularly bad, I will pass the information to the Council's Civil Enforcement Team for them to target.

"I will also look at future partnership days where the police and council enforcement officers work together in specific areas.

"We cannot ourselves ticket parked cars, only remove abandoned vehicles causing serious highway disruption."

Darwen West ward's Cllr Smith added: "I can only repeat my request for motorists visiting the park to park carefully and considerately.

"It simple - don't park on double yellow lines or you will get a ticket.

"They are there for a reason - to ensure highway and public safety."