MORE than 100 injuries were found on the body of a man who was subjected to a prolonged assault before his death, a jury has been told.

Michael Brierley’s lifeless body was found in the hall of his Nelson bungalow on November 8, with an autopsy revealing his organs were "relatively bloodless" following his death.

Jurors in the alleged murder trial at Preston Crown Court heard how blood stains were found on the carpets, walls and furniture inside Mr Brierley’s Berkeley Close home, which he shared with his partner Jeannie Wright.

Prosecuting the case, Paul Reid QC described the catalogue of injuries sustained by Mr Brierley, which were likely to have been caused by a mix of weapons, stamps and kicks, he said.

It is the prosecution’s case that the "controlling" Naeem Mustafa was responsible for inflicting the life-ending injuries – an allegation he denies.

Talking about the post-mortem examination which was carried out by Dr Philip Lumb at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, Mr Reid QC said: “Dr Lumb’s medical opinion as to cause of death was simply stated as head, chest, upper and lower limb injuries.

“As I told you at the outset, that description belies the number of and severity of the injuries inflicted on Michael Brierley.

“The post-mortem examination revealed a very large number of injuries - they have been numbered one to 164.”

Mr Reid QC then went on to describe several of the injuries, which included bruising to his face, lips and ears – thought to have been caused by some sort of force such as punches, kicks or weapon strikes.

Mr Brierley’s nose was broken with fracturing to both cheekbones consistent with "one or more very heavy blows", and several further injuries, including one on Mr Brierley’s right cheek, were recorded on the head and neck.

The injury on the cheek, Dr Lumb said in his report, may have been caused by the penetration of a weapon such as the tip of a Philips head screwdriver.

Mr Brierley’s hands and forearms were covered with multiple bruises and cuts, thought to have been caused by the victim raising his arms in a bid to defend himself.

A bone in his forearm was fractured and there was bruising over many other parts of his upper limbs.

On his body, multiple bruises were found on both sides of the chest indicating "multiple blows" with either a shod foot or weapons. Several rib fractures were also found.

Mr Reid QC told the jury: “The rib fractures on the left side had penetrated the lining of the lung, permitting air to enter the chest cavity.”

There was also some damage to the liver in the form of a tear, likely the doctor thought, to have been caused by a heavy blow to the side of the chest.

Both legs had also been targeted during an assault, resulting in "very severe" injuries – with both shins covered in bruises and numerous cuts said to have been caused by "multiple blows from a weapon".

Mr Reid QC said: “It is Dr Lumb’s opinion that bleeding from all the injuries would have played a major role in the mechanism of death.

“Indeed, at autopsy, the organs appeared to be relatively bloodless.

“Difficulty breathing would have also played a major role in his death.”

During the opening day of the trial on May 10, jurors were told Mr Brierley had been subjected to the injuries by Mustafa, who had been staying at his home on-and-off for several months.

The court heard how Mustafa and his co-defendant Jodie Clough had been at Mr Brierley’s home on the evening of November 7 where the group had been drinking and smoking crack cocaine.

The next day, Mr Brierley’s dead body was found.

Mustafa stands trial accused of murdering Michael Brierley and assaulting Ms Wright, who he is alleged to have punched when she tried to intervene in the assault.

Jodie Clough is accused of assisting an offender. Both deny the charges against them.

The trial continues.