BLACKBURN ROVERS footballer Bradley Dack was spotted in the ITV Games crowd last night as he supported his fiancée, Olivia Attwood.

Bradley cheered Olivia on from the sidelines as she competed in the 50m breaststroke swimming event against five other female celebrities.

In the episode, Love Island star Olivia said: “This is my favourite sport so I feel like I have a good chance to be up there as long as I get a good start.”

Presenter, former footballer Alex Scott, said: “We saw you struggle last night in the hurdles but how are we feeling? How is that shoulder?”

Olivia, 31, said: “Last night was a shambles so I really hope I can do something better tonight.

“The shoulder’s not great and in warm up I had a lot of issues but I am hoping the adrenaline will take over and I can do a fast [race]."

Alex replied: “You’ve got about 25 family and friends in the audience, they will cheer you on.”

One of those 25 was Rovers midfielder Bradley, 28, who took snaps of Olivia as she prepared to get into the water.

Posting to his Instagram story, the Rovers star said: “Come on the girl Olivia Attwood,” as she stood nervously on the edge of the pool.

Lancashire Telegraph: Bradley Dack cheered on Olivia Attwood. (Photo: Instagram/@bradleydack1)Bradley Dack cheered on Olivia Attwood. (Photo: Instagram/@bradleydack1)


He then posted a picture of a gold medal emoji as Olivia secured first place, finishing her race in a winning time of 51.67 seconds.

Speaking after her win on The Games, Olivia said: “I wanted that so bad.

"My arm is well and truly done and I don’t know what that means for the rest of the competition - but I wanted that.

“My arm injury is screaming at me now, it’s literally got a heartbeat, but it was worth it.”

On Monday, the former Love Island star said she was “humbled” by her loss on the hurdles.

On her Instagram, she said: “I got through it – the first one is done and I didn’t knock anyone over and I didn’t fall over.

“I have [hurt] my shoulder… that’s not great.

“The other girls smashed it, it was a photo finish. I didn’t see it because I was still on the hurdles – but they did well.

“I still can’t believe that when I was finishing the hurdles most of the girls had literally put their tracksuits on and were getting in their Ubers to go home… humbling.”

“I have taken a massive painkiller as my shoulder is really bad tonight and I am worried about how I am going to get through the rest of the week.”

Olivia said she was a cross country runner as a child and it was “weird” returning to a sporting environment.

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Attwood as a young cross country runnerOlivia Attwood as a young cross country runner

She said: “The last couple of months have been wild. Way tougher than I ever imagined!

"I knew returning to a sporting environment would be a weird one for me but I really unlocked some memories I didn’t even know I had.

“A torn rotator cuff , not a drop of alcohol, chlorine in my hair for the first time in years and just a few meltdowns later and it’s finally show day!

“Now let’s hope this shoulder can hold up and I make you all proud.”

The Games, presented by Preston's Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff and Holly Willoughby, continues this week on ITV.

Also competing is Blackpool's Christine McGuinness - wife of comedian Paddy.