AN EAST LANCASHIRE businesswoman has opened her first clothing boutique after running a market stall for six months.

Olivia Robson, from Burnley, is the proud owner of LivsLuxe, which she describes as a "quality boutique where every product is under £30".

Located in St James Row, Burnley, the boutique specialises in 'night out' clothes with accessories and some more casual option available too.

Lancashire Telegraph: LivsLuxe in BurnleyLivsLuxe in Burnley

Three piece gym sets, suit sets, dresses, blazers, and more can be purchased. It is also available in sizes 4-26 so that “everyone feels welcome”.

In September 2021, she set up a stall in Burnley market where she began to sell her wholesale dresses and decided this was the career path she wanted to pursue rather than teaching.

She said: “I bought some wholesale dresses with some spare money I had, thinking it would be great for people who don’t want to travel to Liverpool to find something nice to wear which I sold online.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Robson, owner of LivsLuxeOlivia Robson, owner of LivsLuxe

However, she decided to branch out and get her own shop in order to become her own boss and give her brand a more “luxury” feel.

She said: “There weren’t that many young people in the market and I wanted to create a more luxury feel to my brand.

“I think some people had assumptions about ‘market clothes’. Some had to convince their friends to come and realise that we are just like any other boutique.

“I have always wanted to run a business and be my own boss but I was never sure exactly what I wanted to do.

“I thought about boutiques and realized this is something I really wanted to pursue."

Olivia officially opened LivsLuxe in mid-April, with the aim of selling affordable yet luxury clothes.

“I am on a side street as I really didn’t want to drastically increase my prices to afford rent,” she said.

“I wanted everything to be under £30 but with a luxury feel. My aim is to sell affordable yet quality clothes for students and those who just don’t want to spend a fortune.

“You will be also able to grab something for as little as £5 in the sale rail.

“I think this is a great addition to the town because we don’t have many shops like this, where you can grab a nice outfit for an affordable price.”

Olivia is excited to see what the next few months as a boutique owner will bring.

She said: “I am so excited but nervous – because it is a very big jump from the market. However, I have much more freedom here.

“I can bring out different products and can chat to customers about what works and sells and what I can change.

Lancashire Telegraph: Inside LivsLuxe in BurnleyInside LivsLuxe in Burnley

“People are really happy with the price and shocked, expecting it to be a lot more. Businesses on the street have also been so welcoming – it’s a lovely community.”

Olivia has some encouraging words to any other budding young businesswomen thinking about launching their own business or shop.

She said: “Go for it. After Covid I think people are scared of opening high street shops as everything is going online.

“Don’t do it for the money because it can take some time to finally start seeing some profits – do it because you really enjoy what you’re doing… do what makes you happy.”