A TOWN centre energy store has celebrated its first anniversary of giving customers advice to save money.

Blackburn's Utilita Energy Hub is based in The Mall and offers free energy saving advice to homeowners.

At its first anniversary event, children were kept occupied with staff dressed as Captain America and Disney Characters, while their parents learned about Utilita's #EnergyHighFive campaign, which gives customers a list of five simple and free-of-charge adjustments to the way energy is used at home.

The #EnergyHighFive is Utilita's five year campaign, launched in 2020, to educate as many households on how to make their energy go further, while paying less.

Naj Hussain, Blackburn's Energy Hub Manager, said: "At a time when everyone's relationship with energy is forced to change, the Hub has become a lifeline for many people.

"Members of our community have learned many ways they can use less energy, and how they can make the energy they can afford, to go further. For too many people, every penny counts today."

Bill Bullen, chief executive of Utilita, said: "Blackburn was the eighth out of nine Energy Hubs we have opened to date, and we have three more opening this year and have ambitions to open many more in the future.

"High streets are important places for local communities, and whilst not everyone is digital, being able to discuss energy face-to-face today is incredibly important."

Kate Hollern, MP for Blackburn, added: "I'm delighted to see a Utilita Energy Hub open up here in Blackburn Town Centre.

"In recent times so many cities and towns have seen big companies leaving the high street so it's fantastic to see an energy supplier here, recognising the value of face-to-face service.

"The fact that anyone can go in to get free energy saving advice - not just Utilita customers - is great news for the people of Blackburn."