East Lancashire comic, Lee Mack, stole the show at the Bafta TV awards which aired on Sunday night.

Blackburn-born Lee presented an award alongside blind stand-up comedian, Chris McCausland.

They have been described as the “funniest presenting duo”, with their clip going viral on social media.

Chris McCausland said on the stage: "This is the first time somebody blind has been asked to present a Bafta, so Lee is going to tell me my bits from the autocue."

This was followed by a hilarious bit about who should be saying each of the lines.

Taking to social media, many people were eager to comment on the presenting duo and their comedic dynamic.

One person said: “Chris and Lee have got to be the best award presenters from yesterday's #BAFTATVAwards.

“The pair hit it off from the moment they walked out to present.”



A second said: “It was proper laugh out loud funny.

“The skill it took to make that work and not come across as tasteless or cringey… Mack is so talented and McCausland did great too.”

Another highlighted that the comedic act also showcased something important about inclusion.

They said: “Lee Mack and Chris McCausland presenting a Bafta is very funny, but they’re also making a point about inclusion.”

"Best moment of #Baftas2022 was, without doubt, @LeeMack with @chrismccausland,” said another.

“This has made me laugh so much,” another said. “They make the funniest presenting duo.

“Lee and Chris’ clip of their #bafta award introductions are going viral. Great comedians,  brilliant performance.”

“Love Lee Mack,” another commented. “Quickest brain in the universe.”

“Personally I think that Lee Mack and Chris McCausland won the Baftas this year,” said another.

While Lee and Chris’ chemistry shone through at the awards, not every presenting duo's performance was quite as dynamic.

Michelle Keegan, who was recently in Bacup filming Brassic, presented the BAFTA for Entertainment Performance alongside Olympic diver - and knitting enthusiast - Tom Daley.

Their interaction was described as “bland” and “cringe” by viewers.

Kicking off the joke, Michelle said: “Tom – I am a little bit disappointed tonight. You’re not wearing one piece of knit.

“I know you’re an Olympic champion but we love the knit.”

Tom said: “Well how do you know I’ve not got my knit knickers on."

Michelle replied: 'Ah okay, there we go! So we know now."

Lancashire Telegraph: Michelle Keegan and Tom Daley. (Photo: BBC)Michelle Keegan and Tom Daley. (Photo: BBC)

Tom then told her: "I can teach you to make some for yourself if you like?"

Michelle said: "OK, Tom!" as she fanned herself with the gold envelope.

The joke fell flat on the audience who remained silent during the exchange, before the duo quickly moved onto the nominees.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “An evening of lead balloons but none heavier than that Tom Daley and Michelle Keegan exchange.”

Another said: “Michelle Keegan and Tom Daley? Dishwater meets the end of the loaf, bland and bland.”

Michael Ross Finlay added: "Oooh nobody laughed at Tom Daley's joke to Michelle Keegan. Cringe."