A COUNCIL has had its decision to refuse planning permission for 100 new homes in a village backed by the High Court.

The High Court refused developer Wainhomes a Judicial Review on a second Planning Inspectorate decision to refuse its development of 100 homes on land off Chain House Lane in Whitestake, near Preston.

A proposal by Wainhomes (North West) Ltd to build more than 100 houses on safeguarded land off Chain House Lane was initially rejected by the Council's Planning Committee in June 2019.

The developer appealed, and a planning inquiry was undertaken. After the inquiry ruled in favour of the council, the matter was taken by Wainhomes to the High Court, where it was ruled another planning inquiry would take place.

This second inquiry ruled again in the council's favour. 

The High Court has now refused a request from Wainhomes for a Judicial Review into the ruling, meaning the matter is now closed and the land will not be used for development. 

Council decision to reject plans for 100 homes in Lancashire village upheld for 2nd time

Leader of South Ribble Borough Council, Councillor Paul Foster, said: "This is fantastic news for the borough.

"It's been a long-fought legal battle, but we have been strong from the start in our convictions to refuse this development on the grounds that the development was inappropriate for the community, and I am pleased the High Court has not allowed this matter to continue. 

"We want to make it absolutely clear that as a council we are pro-development - but only when done in the right way, and in a way that is of benefit to our residents and the wider South Ribble community.

"When we don't think a proposed development will deliver this, we will absolutely push back and defend our decisions."

The council refused the development plans, saying the scheme was not necessary to meet the area's housing need.

The council were of the view it could meet the five-year demand for homes through other planned developments in the borough and said the land at Chain House Lane was protected under the local plan.