Audley and Queen`s Park - Lab gain: JAN-VIRMANI Yusuf Independent 642; LORGAT Hifzur Conservative 262; PATEL Mohammed Yusuf Independent 340; RAJA Ehsan Pazir Labour 811.

Bastwell and Daisyfield - Lab hold: AKHTAR Parwaiz Labour 1713; PATEL Fajila Conservative 529.

Billinge and Beardwood - Lab hold: FAZAL Tasleem Labour 1451; MAHMOOD Tahir Independent 170; SHAH Rizwan Ali Conservative 620.

Blackburn Central - Lab hold: BHATTI Siama Shaheen Independent 84; KHAN Zamir Labour 1093; PATEL Ismail Ibrahim Bapu Independent 115; SABIR Ghulam Conservative 328.

Blackburn South and Lower Darwen - Con hold: JOHNSON Liz Ann Labour 586; SLATER Jacqueline Conservative 878.

Blackburn South East - Lab hold: MURRAY Keith Vincent Conservative 302; SHORROCK Jim Labour 820.

Darwen East Lab hold: DAVIES Mark Peter Liberal Democrat 446; McCAUGHRAN Martin Frederick Labour 902; SLATER Ryan John David Conservative 307.

Darwen South - Con hold: CONNOR Kevin Conservative 880 ; EAST John Liberal Democrat 299; JACKSON Matthew Anthony Labour 731.

Darwen West - Lab hold: CROOK Janine Elizabeth Conservative 660; PLUMLEY Connor Michael Liberal Democrat 77; SMITH David Labour 1411.

Ewood Lab hold: CADE Les Brian Conservative 564; WHITTINGHAM Elaine Labour 860.

Little Harwood and Whitebirk - Lab hold; KAPADIA Mohmmed Amin Conservative 549; KHAN Sonia Sultana Labour 1357.

Livesey with Pleasington - Con hold: HARDMAN Derek J Conservative 1355; JACKSON Michael John Labour 698.

Mill Hill and Moorgate - Lab hold: MOORE Rick Jeffrey Conservative 481; SMITH Jim Edward Labour 801. ✔

Roe Lee - Lab hold and Lab hold: ALI Saj Labour 1312; ARNOLD Henry Julian Conservative 680; RILEY Phil Labour 1217; VOEGT Helen Alexandria Roscoe Conservative 663.

Shear Brow and Corporation Park - Lab hold: KHONAT Suleman Labour 1875; MARROW Carolyn Margaret Conservative 188.

Wensley Fold - Lab hold:ALLI Aaliyah Iman Conservative 210; IMTIAZ Sabahat Labour 169

West Pennine - Con hold: JOHNSON Bernard Kenneth Liberal Democrat 262; ROWLEY Jude David Labour 774; SLATER Julie Helen Conservative 1336.

Balance of power: Labour 36; Conservative 13; Liberal Demcorat one; Independent 1.