A CAMPAIGN to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer has been launched by the Diane Oxberry Trust.

As the trust which was launched in honour of the weather presented who died of the disease, aged 51, celebrates its third anniversary, they are looking to raise awareness of the symptoms over the next year.

The Spread the Word campaign, launched on World Ovarian Cancer Day (May 8) the brainchild of loved ones of Dianne Oxberry, will target people across the region, raising awareness in the hope it will help improve early diagnoses of ovarian cancer.

Dianne, who was most famous in the region for her time on BBC North West Tonight, died in January 2019, just a few months after her diagnosis of the disease.

Dianne’s husband, Ian Hindle said: “Following Dianne’s sudden and unexpected death we were supported by an incredible outpouring of love and grief from people across the North West.

“It was an overwhelming response and we decided to harness all of that amazing positive energy to try and salvage something positive from the unthinkably awful situation that ovarian cancer had brought to our lives.

“A small group of us, made up of some of Dianne’s closest friends, set up the Dianne Oxberry Trust and we initially used funds donated by generous local people to support vital research and other initiatives to help others diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

“Now, a few years later, our main focus is on raising awareness of the signs and symptoms people should look out for, so that hopefully they can secure faster diagnosis and better outcomes so that other families have more time together than we had with Dianne."

If detected early, survival rates of women with ovarian cancer increase significantly, but sadly, the symptoms are often mistaken for other less serious conditions or ignored, meaning when people finally do seek medical advice, it is often too late to ensure timely, effective treatment.

Some of the main symptoms that could be related to ovarian cancer include: Weeing more often Overly bloated feeling Reduced appetite Dull ache or pain in the pelvis or tummy

The Spread the Word campaign will also share stories from local people who have experiences of ovarian cancer, in the hope that others will learn from them and further understand the signs of the disease.