A CAREER criminal with a terrible record was sent straight to prison for stealing four bottles of whiskey and other bottles of booze.

Mark Donaldson, 33, of no fixed address, stole bottles of alcohol from Tesco on Wyre Street in Padiham on two separate dates in April.

Court records show how on the April 12 he went into the shop and stole 15 bottles of alcohol with a value of £300 before going back four days later and stealing four bottles of Jack Daniels worth £104.

He pleaded guilty to the offences two days later.

Now magistrates sitting at Preston have decided he must go straight to prison for the offences, jailing him for 12 weeks.

Documents state: “[This] offence [is] so serious because the offence was aggravated by the defendant’s record of previous offending.”

Donaldson must also pay back £408 – the value of the stolen goods.