A dog who struggled to see after fur grew over his eyes has had 1.5kgs of matted, tangled hair cut from his body.

Photographs show how matted Shih Tzu, Jack, has been transformed thanks to the RSPCA, after Jack's owner found herself struggling to cope with the dog.

RSPCA inspector Emma Dingley was sent to an address in Accrington last month after a member of the public reported concerns about the well-being of Jack, aged nine.

When Insp Dingley visited the home she could see the dog had terrible matts which had grown over his eyes and he was struggling to see.

Sometimes matting can cause the blood supply to be cut off and in some cases dogs left in this state have had to have amputations, so it is important the fur is regularly cut.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Insp Dingley sought the owner's consent to take the pet to the charity’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital where veterinary staff spent two and a half hours cutting the matts off - which weighed 1.5kgs.

When Jack’s fur was cut he was found to be in good health and the matts had caused no further issues.

Insp Dingley said: “The transformation was amazing - Jack looked such a mess when I first saw him and he was really struggling as he could not see and the matts were limiting his movement.

“Once he had them removed he looked just how you would expect a dog of this type to look - and he seemed so happy - it must have been such a relief for him to be free of the uncomfortable excess weight he was carrying.”

Insp Dingley said Jack’s owner had struggled recently but was delighted with her pet’s transformation and couldn’t wait to have him back at home.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The owner, who does not want to be named, said: “He is my constant companion who I have had for six years after he was rescued.

“I love him dearly and he snuggles up with me on the sofa and sleeps on the bottom of my bed - we are such good friends.

“I have been struggling recently and I really didn’t realise his fur had become so bad it was causing problems.

“I am so grateful for the RSPCA helping me and Jack. Emma has been fantastic and has taken Jack for subsequent check ups for me.

“I have made a donation to the charity as I am so appreciative of what they have done.”

Insp Dingley said the case highlights how charities like the RSPCA exist to help animals and their owners and added that owners should always reach out for help if needed to stop their pet’s suffering.

She added: “Jack is a much-loved boy and his owner fell into a difficult situation so I am glad we were able to help the pair - and they both seem much happier now.”