A THREE bedroom suburban house could be converted into a mother and baby home or residence for one child with special care needs, if new plans are given the green light.

An application for the change of use for the house in Epping Avenue, Altham, has been submitted to Hyndburn Council.

If granted the property would have a maximum of one child and three adults using it.

The application for 'a certificate of lawful proposed use' has been made by Trinity Care and Education Services Limited of Venus House on Altham Business Park.

A planning statement submitted by Edward G Smethurst of Prosperity Law said: "The property was built in 2003 as a detached three-bedroomed house.

"There is a garden to the front and rear. Trinity Care intends to use this dwelling to provide permanent residence for a maximum of one child.

"It is also intended that this property be used as a mother and baby unit and therefore the child's parent would reside with the child.

"The provision in this case will be a household. The children will reside there permanently.

"The mother of the child may also reside there permanently if the property is used to support a mother and child.

"Whilst the carer may change from time to time, there will be constant and permanent adult supervision/caring provision for the child.

"This proposal is in our opinion a more modern appreciation of a family home.

"The property will be the main or sole residence of the child (medium to long-term placement).

"It will operate as a single household with all communal spaces shared, the adult supervisors/carers and children/young persons will eat together, and all will sleep at the property.

"The property will run like any other home, acknowledging that today’s home life is often quite different from that which was the 'traditional' view of a home; two adults, two children, all blood related.

"The applicant intends to register this property with Ofsted. This proposal cannot be considered akin to a care institution.

"The maximum numbers mean that there will be no difference than if grandparents were living there, alongside parents/guardians.

"The specifics of the use will depend on the children; whether they are of school age, they have any medical or other care needs.

"The child will be supervised by a minimum of two responsible adults at all times.

"It is possible that where a bespoke level of care is needed, one child will receive supervision from two or three adults."