A pop up café made especially for dogs and dog-lovers is coming to Lancashire next month – and your four-legged friends will be able to enjoy free ‘puppuccinos’.

Pup Up Café will be coming to Blackpool in June and hosting their very first pug edition.

Pug owners as well as all dog-lovers are encouraged to come down to Blackpool Revolution in order to interact with the pooches, as well as their owners. 

Here, your pup can make some pug friends as the events usually gather more than 150 dogs and a lot of pet owners throughout the day.

There will be plenty of open and light space for the pugs to roam free.

At the event, your dogs can enjoy dog treats from treat stations, unlimited and free dog-friendly puppuccino drinks,  ball pits, tunnels, toys and many other fun props.

Make sure your pug is dressed to impress as there will be a competition taking place.

All props are venue permitting and event offerings may slightly change per location. Dogs go free but still need a ticket.

If you own a pug, ticket prices start from £9 and your pug will go free. Those without a pug can also attend and ticket prices start from £12.

The event will take place on June 25 from 10am to 11.30am.

Pup Up Cafe host events all over the UK giving dog lovers and owners a chance to mingle with a range of breeds, inclusing Dachshunds, poodles and more.  

A spokesperson said: "We ask that all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event so any business they have to do is taken care of.

"If they have an accident please take responsibility for the mess – we will have supplies ready for this, bags/puppy pads/cleaning equipment, please just ask a Pup Up Cafe staff member.

"If your dog is aggressive or ruining the enjoyment of other participants, we reserve the right to ask you to leave – but we haven’t had to yet!

"Please do not bring your dog along if they are: in season, aggressive towards other dogs or people, very nervous in crowds, not up to date with vaccinations or don’t like to be social.

"We welcome all dogs, but please use common sense, if your dog isn’t going to enjoy our event, then it may be best not to bring them along."

Get your tickets via the fatsoma website.