Let’s face it,  taking your driving test can be stressful – but did you know that there are many factors which can both increase and decrease your chance of passing?

A probability calculator, created by insurance company Marmalade, can tell you exactly where you are most likely to pass your driving test in Lancashire.

Using over 10 years of data from test centres, it calculates the probability of you passing based on your test center and age.

According to their data, the UK average pass rate for all ages is 39.8 per cent – but the Lancashire figures are at least four per cent higher than this.  

The data found that you need to book a test at Blackburn with Darwen’s driving test centre, off Junction 4 on the M65, if you want a good chance of passing.

Opposingly, Chorley’s test centre on Rossall Road, saw the worst pass figures for 25-year-olds in May.

The calculator works by entering the month you plan to take your test as well as your age.

These calculations are based on a 25-year-old taking their test in May. You may get slightly different results if you input different months or ages.

Here is the full list of your probability at passing your test in Lancashire areas, ranked from best to worst:

Blackburn with Darwen – 44.36 per cent

Blackpool – 46.93 per cent

Nelson – 48.76 per cent

Heysham -  51 per cent

Preston – 51.23 per cent

Chorley – 55.46 per cent

When is the best month to take a driving test in Blackburn with Darwen?

According to Marmalade’s data, the best month to take a test in Blackburn with Darwen (based on data for a 25-year-old) is October and the worst is January.

Here is a full monthly breakdown:

January: 45.23 per cent

February: 44.10 per cent

March: 44.76 per cent

April: 44.74 per cent

May: 44.36 per cent

June: 44.18 per cent

July: 44.84 per cent

August: 44.11 per cent

September: 43.89 per cent

October: 43.27 per cent

November: 43.76 per cent

December: 44.07 per cent