A great-grandfather and ex-pub landlord who would drink a bottle of whisky in two days died from alcohol intoxication, an inquest concluded.

Patrick Albert Wyer, 79, was found by a staff member on January 25 at his self-contained sheltered housing slumped in his chair.

Preston Coroners Court heard how Mr Wyer lived alone at Friar Court, Accrington, and would not accept help in his living despite being housebound.

His children Patrick, Maria and Tony said their father drank excessively and struggled with his mental health.

Reading a statement from the children, Coroner Laura Fox said: “Our dad did drink excessive amounts of alcohol leading up to his death.

“He had very bad depression. Besides all that, he led a normal life the best he could as he was housebound.”

A toxicology report found Mr Wyer had a "profound and potentially fatal" level of alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

The ex-pub landlord, who spent time behind the Regent Pub in Haslingden and The New Brewery Pub in Mawdsley Street, Accrington, was visited on a number of occasions by nursing staff about his drinking.

On one occasion, Mr Wyer admitted to drinking four double whiskeys a day while at a later appointment he would admit to drinking a bottle of whisky every two days.

Medical staff attempted to refer him to Inspire to help people with alcohol dependency however he said as an ex-pub landlord he would recognise an alcoholic and that he was not one.

He was also referred to Minds Matter mental health services but this request was denied with the provider referring him to Inspire saying if he were to abstain from drinking alcohol his depression medication would work better.

Mr Wyer died from atheromatous coronary vascular calcification and diffused liver fatty infiltration – both caused by heavy drinking.

Coroner Laura Fox added: “Patrick Alvery Wyer died on January 25 at Friar Court in Accrington as a result of alcohol intoxication.”