The owner of one of the longest running gyms in Lancashire has revealed the secret behind his success - his members who are just like “one big family”.

Pasquill’s Gym in Friday Street, Chorley, is run by 67-year-old Gordon Pasquill, who first established the gym in the 1980s.

It continues to attract people of all ages, both male and female. It also has some members who are in their 80s, with many gymgoers from Blackburn members there.

Gordon said: “A lot more of the elderly folk have been coming and like to keep fit. It is a great place for them to meet and make friends. They don’t need any help - they are more experienced at keeping fit than I am.

“We even have one member who is in his 90s. They turn up daily every single day and it is really inspiring to see. I try to support everyone as much as I can. I would rather help people than turn anyone away.”

The gym was first established at the Chortex Mill but when that got torn down it was relocated decades ago.

Gordon is a former Mr Britain and Junior Mr Britain who began bodybuilding aged 14. He has teamed up with the biggest names in the industry including Serge Nubret, Bill Perl and Frank Zane.

He has also focused on assisting people from all walks of life who may not normally join a gym.

Gordon said lockdown was a difficult time for not only his members but gym goers everywhere.

He said: “When we had to close the gym it was really tough for a lot of the members. I remember having to talk to people who were suicidal. The gym was somewhere they came to unwind and feel better. Taking that away was hard for people.

“I am glad things have returned to normal. The gym has been a lifeline. It is all about improving people’s health at the end of the day. We are all one big family and want to serve the community as best we can.

Kas from Blackburn, who attends regularly, said: “This is one of the few original old school gyms left. They have some heavy duty machines inspired from the 70s’ famous Golds Gym.

“Everyone walks in with a smile. Some old timers who come in are in their 80s and are still going strong and it very inspirational for all the other users."