A MUSICIAN, joker and well-loved son took his own life after suffering for months with his mental health state, an inquest has heard.

Jack Anwyl, 27, who fronted duo Bad Cardigan, and more recently Fighting Rhythm, was found dead by his mother’s partner David Fullalove on January 19.

Following the news of his death, hundreds paid tribute to the "huge character with a massive personality".

His band, Fighting Rhythm released a statement on their Facebook page the day after he was found.

It read: "It’s with unbelievable sadness that we have to share the desperately sad news that our great friend, brother, joker, confidante, supremely talented frontman and all-around beautiful human being, Jack Anwyl, who we all dearly loved, passed away yesterday.”

A popular musician in the town, a stage at this year's Darwen Live has been renamed in his honour and fellow musician Jonathan Lindley.

This morning, Preston Coroners Court heard how the night before he was found, January 18, Jack had been drinking with his housemate Chris Hinnigan at their home in Bower Fold, Blackburn.

Chris said he is unsure how much Jack had drunk but noted he had seen a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

Jack called his mother who said he sounded drunk and reminded him he had work in the morning due to her concerns.

Jack said he was fine and his mother and David spoke with each other about their worries.

Jack's mother had concerns about his drinking but David said he would not classify the 27-year-old as an alcoholic, and that he would not drink regularly but when he did drink he would drink to excess.

The next morning, Jack’s mother could not get hold of her son so asked her partner to go and check on him.

David went over and managed to get into the home when he found Jack.

He called 999 and paramedics declared him dead, with police attending to complete further investigations.

Police confirmed there was no third-party involvement in his death.

Jack had been battling mental health difficulties for several years, having taken a different number of antidepressants throughout his adult life.

He would start and stop taking the medication as and when he would feel better but had spoken in the months leading up to his death with his doctor about his mental health situation declining.

He had an urgent referral to mental health services Start but was later discharged after telling them he felt better.

A toxicology report showed that Jack had ‘profound alcohol intoxication’ and that there was also evidence of cocaine use.

A post mortem examination concluded Jack died as a result of hanging.

Coroner Laura Fox concluded Jack’s death was as a result of suicide.

She said: “Mr Jack Ellis Anwyl died on January 19, 2022, at Bower Fold in Blackburn after suspending himself by the neck.”

If you are struggling with your mental health state, call Samaritans on 116 123.