KIND-hearted East Lancashire sisters will be cutting their hair and donating it to a cancer charity next week.

Isla and Daisy Wallwork, aged nine and six, from Clayton-le-Moors, are hoping to cut off more than 20 inches of hair in total.

They will then donate it to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost theirs through cancer.

Lancashire Telegraph: L-R: Isla and Daisy Wallwork L-R: Isla and Daisy Wallwork

Mum Lucy Whitcombe has also set up a GoFundMe page and has already raised hundreds for the same charity.

Lucy said she is “incredibly proud” of her daughters, who were inspired to make the selfless move after Lucy’s friend died of cancer in April.

Lucy said: “My friend passed away of bowel cancer at the beginning of April and it led to a lot of in-depth conversations about what cancer was.

“The girls were shocked to hear that treatment can cause your hair to fall out and also that children, their age and younger, can get it.

“When I mentioned that wigs can be made they said ‘I want to get my hair cut before I go on holiday – can we have our hair cut even shorter and donate it?’”

The All Saints Primary pupils are renowned for their thick and long hair.

Lancashire Telegraph: Isla and Daisy Wallwork with mum, Lucy WhitcombeIsla and Daisy Wallwork with mum, Lucy Whitcombe

Lucy said: “They’ve always had a good head of hair and are well known for how long and thick it is.

“I thought it was just really kind and caring.

“I am so proud of them, who wouldn’t be? At nine and six to want to do something like that – the whole family is proud.”

Lucy said the girls aren’t nervous about the big chop and get excited to see just how much money they have raised so far.

Lucy said: “They’re so excited and really not phased. It might be a shock when they both look in the mirror after the cut as they’ve both had nothing but long hair their whole lives.”

At the time of writing, their GoFundMe has surpassed £400 beating the original target of £100.

Lucy said: “It is absolutely amazing that we have smashed  the original target. Every time I show the girls the new number their little faces light up.

“It has puts a positive spin on what is an otherwise very bad time.

“The experience has made me well up because of all I had just been through with my friend – I am so proud.”

Isla and Daisy will be cutting their hair next Tuesday (May 10). You can donate to the cause by visiting their GoFundMe page.