A YOUNG Blackburn baker, who started her business in the pandemic, has gained thousands of followers for her "Instagrammable” treats – and she has been selling some specifically for Eid.

Mariyam Arif, owner of Baked By M, started her online baking business in April 2021 and has amassed over 5,500 Instagram followers for her “aesthetically pleasing” sweet treats.

Bespoke cakes, biscuit bouquets, treat boxes and cookies are just some of the mouth-watering treats available to purchase.

Lancashire Telegraph: A cake from Baked By MA cake from Baked By M

Mariyam, 24, said: “We are a home run bakery selling bespoke cakes and treat boxes.

"I try and make them aesthetically pleasing and ‘on trend’ as possible.

“I really try and bring something a bit different to the market.”

Mariyam said she has always been a ‘foodie’, deciding to take the plunge and start her business while studying at university.

She said: “I love baking. In lockdown I decided to take the plunge and open my own baking business.

Lancashire Telegraph: Valentine's day cakes from Baked By M.Valentine's day cakes from Baked By M.

“I knew the market would already be oversaturated but it has turned out to be a really successful so far.”

On her Instagram page, Mariyam is best known for her aesthetically pleasing cake designs with followers often commenting on their “stunning” appearance.

“The aesthetics of my cakes and businesses stand out from the rest,” she said.

“They are really Instagrammable and on trend. Many people often pop up and say they haven’t really seen cakes like this before, particularly in Blackburn.”

Mariyam, who is currently studying for her master’s degree at the University of Central Lancashire, iss even selling stunning cakes and biscuits specifically for Eid.

Lancashire Telegraph: Eid cakes from Baked By MEid cakes from Baked By M

While it might be too late to place an order for them now, she will be stocked up again for the second Eid in July – and will even have some new products available to order.

She said: “My bakes are particularly popular around special occasions, like Eid and mother’s day.

“My Eid cupcakes have sold really well and I think people want to look for desserts when they are fasting, so they are browsing Instagram for food a lot more during those times.”

She also caters for other occasions and is even starting to branch into the wedding industry.

One of her top-sellers were her biscuit bouquets, which proved to be a hit on mother’s day.

Lancashire Telegraph: Biscuit bouquet Biscuit bouquet

Mariyam wishes to continue her baking business after her master’s degree and encourages anyone thinking of starting their own business to “take the plunge”.

She said: “After my master’s, this is something that I would like to pursue full time.

“The next step would be to supply my creations to other bakeries, which I am in the process of sorting out now.

“If you have ever thought about starting your own business I would definitely recommend taking the plunge.

“I didn’t think my online business would boom as much as it has. Post pandemic, I think we are seeing these online businesses come to life and people might be inclined to shop more locally.”

To learn more and place an order yourself, visit Mariyam’s Instagram page: @bakedd.by.m .