A FATHER-of-two said he had hit "rock bottom" when he sold his son's iWatch, climbed into his ex-wife’s bed "completely naked" and headbutted a police officer.

James Howarth, 33, was breaching police bail after an arrest on February 23, by moving into his ex-wife Marie Howarth’s home in Rossendale the day after being asked to stay away from her.

Burnley Crown Court heard how, on March 5, Ms Howarth was taking the pair's youngest son to a birthday party when she got a call from their 14-year-old son’s mobile phone.

On the other end of the phone was Howarth asking where she was and told her he was turning the bedroom "upside down".

Prosecuting, Lisa Worsley, said when Ms Howarth returned home the veteran, who served a tour in Afghanistan, was no longer there, but it was clear her and her children’s bedrooms had been searched.

The mother took their children out when she later saw Howarth in Deardengate, Haslingden, with another man.

The man told Ms Howarth the defendant had sold him an Apple iWatch for £20, which was a Christmas present for their 14-year-old son.

The man who had bought the iWatch gave it back to the woman and the mobile phone was later posted through the woman’s letterbox.

Later that evening, Ms Howarth heard a noise outside at about 9.30pm. Later that night, Howarth had managed to gain access to the house and climbed into bed with her completely naked.

Ms Howarth was angered by this and went downstairs with Howarth following her. They argued while Howarth drank a bottle of Sourz before his teenage son called the police.

When the police arrived, Howarth was still completely naked with officers asking him to put on clothes.

After it appeared clear he was drunk and considering a fight, Haworth was handcuffed and had some clothes put on.

When he was being taken to the car, Howarth suddenly and unexpectedly headbutted PC Nicolas Murray, cutting his lip and chipping a tooth.

In mitigation for Howarth, Thomas Sherrington spoke of how the 33-year-old had ended up homeless, leading him to start drinking and doing drugs around the time of the incident, but he denies being reliant upon them.

His now ex-wife also spoke of how she believes Howarth struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder due to his tour in Afghanistan.

However Howarth said this does not impact him and he does not want to use this as an excuse for his offending.

Mr Sherrington said: “Mr Howarth says when these incidents occurred he had hit rock bottom. Now he feels like he is on his way back from rock bottom.

“It’s a very difficult relationship which is no excuse but may explain why these issues have occurred.”

Howarth, of no fixed abode, spoke to the court of why he keeps going back to Ms Howarth.

Speaking to the judge, he said: “I love her. I am the idiot who always ends up back here.”

Howarth, who breached a suspended sentence from May 3, 2021, has been remanded into custody until he is sentenced on June 20.

He had pleaded guilty to theft, assault of a police officer and breach of bail.