Police and firefighters are working together following an increase in arson around Clitheroe.

Officers said that they have seen reports of bins being set on fire, while Clitheroe firefighters added that they have been attending more anti-social fires around the town.

A spokesperson for the police said: “This is a serious offence, and we are appealing to you, to help us tackle this issue.

"We have some lines of enquiries with local offenders. However, if you or a family member can provide us with any names or information, please contact us and let us know.”

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “Unfortunately crews from Clitheroe Fire have had to attend several more Anti-Social behaviour fires around the town this week.

“These fires have the potential to spread and have catastrophic consequences. We are liaising closely with Ribble Valley Police regarding these incidents.”

You can send any information to: ribblevalley.npt@lancashire.police.uk