FORMER Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan has shared an honest glimpse into life as a mum, revealing that she has found the last few weeks “challenging”.

The former Blackburn Westholme School pupil shared a candid message to her one million Instagram followers after struggling to wean her youngest child, Charlie, off breast milk.

The 31-year-old said: "I've decided to stop feeding. I've really enjoyed nursing Charlie but the past month I've just had enough.

"Today was the first day I'm trying to gradually wean him off during the day (he feeds too much).

"I love being a mum and I'm so grateful for my babies, but I've just felt so drained so making some changes."

In an update she said: “So I’ve managed not to breastfeed Charlie so far all day apart from this morning.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Flanagan said she is struggling with 'mum life'. (Photo: Instagram/@hjgflanagan)Helen Flanagan said she is struggling with 'mum life'. (Photo: Instagram/@hjgflanagan)

“Been distracting him with food and I’m trying my best to get him to take bottles of water.

“Usually, he uses me as a drink.”

Helen, mum to Matilda, six, Delilah, three, and Charlie, one, with her fiancé the Preston North End winger Scott Sinclair, said she has needed help with child care this week.

He said: “Found the past weeks quite challenging with mum life.

"I think it’s quite good to be honest as we see such perfect images of motherhood on social media.

“I’ve never had any childcare for Charlie but I’ve decided to get some this week to help him eat more and get off the boob etc.

“It’s just different stages and they will pass.”

In a happier picture, Helen posed with her daughter, Matilda, as they play a game before bed.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Flanagan with daughter, Delilah. (Photo: Instagram/@hjgflanagan)Helen Flanagan with daughter, Delilah. (Photo: Instagram/@hjgflanagan)

Helen said: “I feel like I’ve just been a stressy mum recently and I’ve forgotten to be a bit fun.

“We played weddings before bed.”

It’s not the first time that Helen has been honest about her breastfeeding struggle.

While enjoying some time with Charlie and Scott in Dubai, Helen revealed to her fans that she was worried about her son’s eating habits.

She said: "Charlie will just not eat I'm going to take him to a specialist this week.

“He eats nothing and I'm still feeding him like he's six-months-old.

"I've tried not feeding him with milk so he'll eat more but he just has no interest in food and he just wants the boob."

Helen’s breastfeeding struggles also coincide with some sad family news.

Last week, she revealed that her grandmother had passed away.

Posting to her social media account, Helen said: “My Nanna passed away this week. I loved and love my Nanna so much.

“She was an amazing lady and I am proud to be Nancy’s granddaughter.

“I am so grateful for the precious times we shared and that my Nanna got to see all three of my beautiful children that my Nanna loved so much and gave her so much joy.

“I have the best childhood memories, holiday memories and memories with my babies with my Nanna that I am so grateful for.

“I wish I could see and give her one last cuddle and tell her how much I loved her but I think she knew.”