Rescue dogs and cats in East Lancashire are looking for foster parents to take them in while they search for their forever home.

Staff at the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch at Altham near Accrington care looking for 15 foster carers who will provide temporary accommodation for the furry friends until forever homes can be found for them.

As well as being animal lovers, the fosterers will need to demonstrate they have skills of empathy and patience to deal with animals who have experienced difficult times. 

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of animals who are given a second chance of a happy life. But some need help to make the transition to a new home, which is where foster carers can play an important role.

Fostering co-ordinator at RSPCA Lancashire East Branch, Sue Abraham said: “We are aiming to recruit 15 or more people who live within an hour’s drive of our centre, who can provide temporary accommodation for our cats and dogs.

“We will be looking for permanent homes for our animals later, but we are trying to find people who can help them make that move.”

Potential fosterers, who need to be over 18, ideally will have had previous experience of caring for dogs and cats. 

Anyone interested in becoming a fosterer with the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch can find out  more details and a detailed description of the role by contacting Sue at the centre on 01254 231118 during office hours or they can ring the fostering mobile number on 07716 345133.

They can also email