Whatever is happening to our GP services? Ever tried to get a doctor’s appointment?

You are kept waiting for ages because the phone is always engaged; the same goes for the 111 service - it’s a joke.

Can anyone remember the days when you got an appointment nearly right away? Your doctor would come out for a home visit the very same day you asked them to. And I can remember if you had been ill at home and the doctor had been visiting he would pop in unannounced to just check on you.

Now it is just a struggle to see a doctor. Why? Is it because there are not enough receptionists and phones in the surgery? Are doctors relying to much on the 111 service or A/E Departments?

But on the other hand patients could try and help themselves by talking to their pharmacist or dentist. Then we have patients who just can’t be bothered to turn up for an appointment or don’t cancel with the surgery thus depriving someone else of an appointment

These patients should be fined for time wasting - a lot of dentist surgeries do this.

Something must be done about all this as soon as possible.People are sick and need help and the situation is very stressful for them so let’s get it sorted.

Dick Turpin