An influencer says the secret to her luscious locks is only washing it once a month.

Sarah Hutchinson, 27, used to wash her hair every two days but noticed it was leaving her tresses dull, dry and unable to grow quickly.

Two years ago she started to wean herself off her regular washing routine after a hairdresser said washing it less could improve the condition of her locks.

She noticed within just a couple of weeks that her blonde hair was softer and shinier - and has never looked back.

The personal trainer from Blackpool now goes up to two months without washing her hair - instead, she simply uses dry shampoo daily.

She said she constantly gets compliments from people who are shocked by her hair routine and claims washing her hair less has helped it grow faster and allowed it to produce more oil as a way to hydrate her scalp.

Sarah said: “I used to have really crap hair - it was bright red, over-dyed and a lot shorter.

“I’m a bit lazy to be honest, but as it turns out, washing your hair less really helps it grow, and allows it time to produce the sebum, or oil, that helps hydrate your scalp.

"Within two weeks of making the change, my hair stopped getting greasy too and developed a nice, natural sheen.

“I’m convinced washing my hair less and using dry shampoo is what’s helped improve its condition."

After the tip-off from her hairdresser, Sarah dove into the new routine headfirst, immediately abandoning conventional shampoo and washing for a full month.

Sometimes she will go longer - up to two months - but will wash it more often if she has used lots of styling products for a night out or if her head begins to itch.

When she does wash it, she uses Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo.

Sarah currently lives with her partner Charlotte Taundry, 30, who she met on season one of ITV’s The Cabins.

Creating social media content together under the handle @charandsarah, the duo shares a range of beauty, fitness and nutrition tips.

Sarah convinced Charlotte to go down to one wash a week.

“At first Char was like ‘what?’ but after using dry shampoo and seeing saw how the condition of it improved, she understood,” Sarah said.

“Char does wash it more than me, although she used to wash it every day and now it’s more like once a week.

“It’s not like I don’t shower - I do shower regularly - but hair-wise I’m committed to my new routine.”

Ironically, despite leaving her hair unwashed for months at a time, Sarah said she’s a bit of a clean freak about her eyebrows, which she covers in soap daily.

Sarah added: “I put soap on my eyebrows every day.

“It sounds quite funny really, washing my eyebrows and not my hair - but a mixture of dry shampoo and soap makes them nice and bushy.”