A TRAIN station level crossing has been completely wrecked after a car drove straight through it, twice.

On Tuesday night, a car drove through the lowered barriers at Huncoat level crossing, damaging the barriers.

Moments later it drove back over the crossing directly in front of a train that had been approaching the station.

Residents living in Huncoat say they heard an almighty bang, and then saw the car drive back through the crossing.

One person said: "The car was trashed. He stormed through, I heard it and came out to make sure no-one was injured.

"The train which was in the station was just about to pull out as he flew through.

"While I was speaking to the police on the phone, the car went past again, smashed windscreen, panels dented, there's bits of the car still there but he just ploughed on through the barriers again."

Police closed Enfield Road for a period of time while a clean up was carried out and Network Rail were called to assess the damage. 

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said on Wednesday: "Late last night a car was driven through the lowered barriers at Huncoat Level Crossing.

"The car was then driven back over the crossing in front of the train that had been approaching.

"Two barriers damaged and one completely removed. Enquiries are ongoing."