A MAN left his date fading in and out of consciousness after he lost his temper and set about battering her.

The woman recalls seeing Zaid Ahmed, who was dressed in women's clothing, "ripping off his wig" before he launched a brutal assault upon her, leaving her with 28 separate injuries.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Ahmed, 50, had arranged to meet with the woman, with whom he had met with on one previous occasion, late in the evening on June 12, 2018.

Summarising the case, Recorder Nicholas Clarke QC said: “She had met with you on an earlier occasion and because of what had previously occurred she was willing to go trustingly with you to your home.

“This was to her in a strange area but she went with you voluntarily and put her trust in you.

“As was your preference you chose to dress in female clothes as you had done on the previous encounter. You were also prepared to act in a submissive way.

“However while you were together the victim received a video call from her boyfriend – she being out and about, her activities were causing concern to him.

“This interrupted your consensual activities. You tore off you wig and violently assaulted her, punching her numerous times to the face and head.

"The attack was both persistent and prolonged as she passed in and out of consciousness.”

Ahmed pleaded guilty to one count of assault part-way through his trial, which took place earlier this month.

During proceedings, the court heard how this wasn’t the first time Ahmed had acted in such a way, with Recorder Clarke QC saying: “Not only was this woman vulnerable due to her personal characteristics but also because she had been invited into your home.

“This was a very prolonged assault and one which caused serious physical and psychological harm and had a substantial impact on the victim. Looking at all of those factors this is a case of particular gravity.

“Your position is significant and seriously aggravated by your previous like offences. The nature, number and relevance of those offences make this a particularly serious case.

“You yourself are 50, but at 6ft tall and of muscular build with boxing experience. You brought all of that to bear against your 5ft 2in victim.”

Prior to the hearing Ahmed’s defence barrister requested psychiatric reports should be carried out on her client before sentencing should take place, however Recorder Clarke took the view that wouldn’t be necessary having had access to his GP records.

He added: “Although there have been episodes of anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts, those abated within a matter of weeks.

"There is no suggestion in your medical records that you have ever required proper psychological intervention.”

The Judge also went on to say that during mitigation it was suggested that Ahmed reacted in the way that he did over the potential embarrassment of being seen dressed as a woman on the video call.

He also took into account the "significant" delay in getting the case to trial, which had been down to no fault of the defendant.

He concluded: “The delay has offered you the opportunity to reflect on your transgender identification and perhaps come to terms and embrace it. I take all of that into account.”

Ahmed, of Accrington, was jailed for 37 months for the attack.