An East Lancashire man spotted some unusual lights over the county and believes they could be evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Mick Proctor, from Pendle, was skygazing in his hometown when he spotted some unusual lights over Pendle Hill.

In the video, you can see three stationary white lights which Mick said appeared out of nowhere as if they had been “switched on”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mick Proctor. (Credit: YouTube/Skywatch Explorer)Mick Proctor. (Credit: YouTube/Skywatch Explorer)

Later, the white lights suddenly disappear but were replaced by a red light which started “flying around the sky” as if “looking for something".

Mick regularly goes skygazing for his Facebook account and YouTube Channel, Skywatch Explorer.

He said: “I’m a keen astronomer and know the skies and that area well.

“These things are thing just appeared above my head for a minute or so and disappeared.

“The red light moved around and the others were stationary. It was a cloudy night so these were beneath the clouds.”

Mick said he considered many explanations for the strange lights but concluded that they might be evidence of UFOs.

He said: “Through my experience they definitely weren’t Chinese lanterns as it was breezy and they were stationary.

“They weren’t stars as it was cloudy but I could tell that anyway as I know the constellations.

“Where they drones? It was 2am and there wasn’t anybody around – there was also no noise or flashing lights on them… this means the reason for the lights are unknown.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Was a UFO spotted over Pendle Hill? (Photo: YouTube/Skywatch Explorer)Was a UFO spotted over Pendle Hill? (Photo: YouTube/Skywatch Explorer)

Mick said there are a lot of strange sightings in the sky above Pendle and the wider Lancashire area, which he has filmed and discussed on his YouTube channel.

After seeing Mick’s video, many people took to the comment section to give their opinion on what the lights might be.

One person said: “I also noticed the bright light just after the footage started move quickly from left to right. I wonder what that was?”

“Really interesting,” said another. “I wouldn’t say it was an earth/human related drone, who would do that in pitch dark at 2am?”

“Is it Orion’s belt?”, asked another.

"Some objects are space junk in my opinion - but not all of it," said another. 

Interactive map, UFO Stalker, allows you to search for any previous UFO sightings - and also report some for yourself.

According to the map, there have been two UFO sightings in and around Pendle between 2020-2021.

One person said: “On 20th may 2020 at 22.33, I was returning to my flat and turned to look at Pendle Hill when we saw an aircraft.

“I have been in military aircraft and I am sure this was no civilian and military aircraft.

“There was no noise at all.”

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