THEY are the unlikely pin-up boys of the classroom. Brothers Lee and Adam Parkinson - known to their fans as the Two Mr Ps - have taken school life and brought it to a mainstream audience.

Their podcast, Two Mr Ps in a Podcast, has become the number one education podcast having achieved a staggering four million listeners.

Now the brothers are taking their experiences out on tour and performing all over the country in Two Mr Ps in a Podcast (Live).

“We’re just riding the wave,” said Adam. “To have so many people subscribe to the podcast has been amazing. And then to be able to get out there in front of an audience, the atmosphere is absolutely incredible.”

Part of the pair’s success is down to the fact that they are still working in schools.

Lee has over 14 years experience as a teacher and still teaches part time and also leads in-school training sessions for teachers across the UK. Adam works full-time as a teaching assistant.

“It’s still the best job in the world,” said Lee. “That time when you are in the classroom with the kids, you can’t beat that. It’s all the unnecessary paper work and other things that are difficult.”

The live shows have already gained a cult following - but surprisingly the audience isn’t just made up of teachers seeking a little therapy.

“There is a good base of teachers and staff who work in schools in the audience,” said Lee, “but it’s surprising how many people are from all walks of life.

Lee and Adam Parkinson - the Two Mr Ps

Lee and Adam Parkinson - the Two Mr Ps

“The thing is we have all been to school, many of the audience are parents with children in school. Education is something that we can all relate to.”

The thing to get across with the Two Mr Ps is that they are both very funny. the show is definitely not a lesson.

“I suppose the show is part stand-up,” said Adam. “but then we will have personal tales which we would only share when the camera isn’t on. Through the podcasts we have been sent so many stories of different people’s experiences of school and the funny things that have happened.”

Lee added: “We share those stories and then there’s also a nostalgia element looking at how schools used to be and some of the things which we no longer have in a classroom.

“All of these are things that people can relate to. Plus I think that through lockdown parents had a new-found respect for teachers when they had to get involved in home schooling.

“With the live shows we have found that a lot of partners of teachers come along - they are the are the true heroes of eduction; the ones who aren’t even working in schools but will sit there on an evening helping out and laminate a display or whatever it might be.”

The success of the Two Mr Ps has been rapid. It was during a family holiday three years ago when the brothers were sharing their classroom experiences that Lee came up with the idea for a podcast.

Since then it has become a major success, the pair have released a bestseller - Put A Wet Paper Towel On It - which is out in paperback this month - and now they have their tour.

Adam said: “If someone told me when we were on that family holiday and Lee suggested doing a podcast that in three years we’d be on tour and have a best selling book I’d have thought you were crazy.”

Given their success are the brothers concerned they may have to give up teaching to concentrate on their new ‘career’?

Lee said: “I get to do work part time in a school and have my training and now tour - it’s the best of both worlds. I’d like to always teach and keep one foot in the door. It is important and it’s the best job in the world. I’m lucky I get to do the best part and enjoy all the other bits as well.”

It’s one thing to have a successful podcast but another to head out on tour and face packed theatres every night.

“The thing is we’re lucky that we can make each other laugh,” said Lee. “When we record the podcast we’re not worried too much about the audience reaction; we’re trying to make each other laugh and I think that resonates with people.

“It’s the same with the stage show, people like the relationship between us. If you’re the older sibling you’ll know how difficult it is to put up with a younger brother like I have to and vice versa.That dynamic is what draws a lot of people to the show.

“There are a lot of similarities between doing a show and being in a classroom. The difference with the shows are that when you make a joke people laugh.

“Every teacher will tell you that they will drop some absolute belters of a line in front of their class but it goes completely over their heads so it’s nice when you do it and you get a response.”

Being in the classroom provides Lee and Adam with much of their material.

“Children are the most unintentional comedians,” said Lee. “Then they will come out with some of the most truly inspirational things you’ll ever hear.”

“It means we have an endless supply of material when you think about it,” said Adam.

Two Mr Ps in a Podcast Live is at The Lowry, Salford Quays, Sunday, April 17; Darwen Library Theatre on Saturday, April 30; Chorley Little Theatre on Thursday, May 5 and Middleton Arena on Friday, May 6. Details for all shows from