Blackburn businesswoman, Camilla Ainsworth, completed the Manchester Marathon on Sunday, April 3 – despite having bleeding toes throughout the race.

Camilla, who appeared on BBC’s The Apprentice in 2018, shared gruesome pictures of her bloody foot to her 40,000 Instagram followers.

She says she finished the 26.2 mile run despite sustaining the injury early on claimed to have only done 11 weeks’ training for the challenge.

Warning: there are gruesome and bloody images ahead.

Posting to her Instagram account, Camilla said: “Manchester Marathon… competed it, baby.

Lancashire Telegraph: Camilla Ainsworth after finishing the Manchester Marathon. (Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)Camilla Ainsworth after finishing the Manchester Marathon. (Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)

“Blood, sweat and tears… quite literally (don’t swipe if you’re squeamish).

“From 0 running to a marathon in 11 weeks… I rarely say that I’m proud of myself but today I feel it.

“The body achieves what the mind believes. This really will be a day I won’t forget easily.”

Many of her followers were quick to comment on the gory picture of her feet.

One person commented: “What has happened to your foot!?”

Another said: “Tears when you crossed that finished line baby… you inspire me daily and the foot is beyond a joke!”

Lancashire Telegraph: Camilla Ainsworth's foot bled at the Manchester Marathon.(Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)Camilla Ainsworth's foot bled at the Manchester Marathon.(Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)

“Hope your foot isn't too painful and it heals quickly,” said another.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Camilla thanked her followers for their support and also explained more about what happened to her foot.

She said her toes started to bleed early on and that blood was “frothing” through her trainer.

She said: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the message of encouragement, support and congratulations and concern over my foot.

“It actually happened pretty early on in the race - but if you know me quite well you know that was not going to stop me.

“It wasn’t going to make me walk or stop me smiling.

“I inevitably got over the finish line and didn’t let it phase me. Mind over matter, out of sight out of mind and I didn’t look at my foot.

Lancashire Telegraph: A gory picture of Camilla Ainsworth's bloody foot. (Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)A gory picture of Camilla Ainsworth's bloody foot. (Photo: Instagram/@camillaainsworth)

“Although at one point it was actually frothing. There was that much blood it was coming out of my trainer holes.

“To be honest, it was putting off other runners more than it was me so I was just getting on with it.

“I do actually think my toes need amputating though so if anyone knows a good surgeon hit me up.”

Camilla, who finished runner-up in Series 14 of The Apprentice, completed the Manchester Marathon on Sunday in a time of five hours, 11 minutes and 53 seconds, coming in 12,425th place.