An East Lancashire comedy show from controversial comedian, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, has been cancelled – and many fans are outraged.

The performance was meant to take place at The Muni Theatre, Colne, on 24 November but Pendle Council has confirmed that this will no longer go ahead in the “best interest of the community”.

Posting to his official Facebook page, Roy said that “council cancellation culture has reared its ugly head again”.

He said: “I’ve just been informed by my management that the council cancellation culture has reared its ugly head again at Colne Muni Theatre in Lancashire.

“We were booked to come back to the Colne Muni Theatre for November this year and tickets were already on sale, the venue then informed us that they had received [a complaint] from a local resident and this complaint was passed onto the local council leader.

"As the venue was publicly funded they would have to cancel the booking.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The Muni Theatre in ColneThe Muni Theatre in Colne

It's not the first time one of Roy’s gigs has been cancelled; Sheffield City Trust cancelled one of his shows in 2021 and more than 32,000 people signing a petition to get the decision reversed.

In the Facebook statement, Roy continued: “Tired of going over old ground but it’s the same scenario as Sheffield City Hall’s trust/council decision.

“All I can do is apologise to all my fans in Colne, I would ask you please not to blame the venue in any way for this decision... the venue was just following the council’s instructions.

“I was looking forward to coming back in November until the council leader decided to inform the venue to cancel.

“The show has sold out annually for many years and never been a problem bringing laughter and revenue to the venue and town, so why now?

“Anyway we’ll come to a venue close by hopefully where there is a bit of common sense from the decision makers who let people decide for themselves what they can and can’t do where you can come and have a laugh.

“I repeat it’s just comedy, behind closed doors, and a bit of fun for all.

“If you are in the minority and the nature of my show is not your cup of tea, I totally respect that, so don’t buy a ticket that is your choice - but don’t spoil it for the majority with complaints or bans, let people decide for themselves.

“Much love and keep smiling.”

Thousands of people have interacted with the Facebook post, with hundreds commenting.

The majority of fans have expressed their anger towards the decision.

One person said: “A very tiny, narrow minded group forcing their views on the rest of us and dressing it up as morality.

“I’ll decide what I want to see, thanks.”

“We are all adults and are all capable of making our own judgments and decisions,” said another.

“It's an utter disgrace when we call ourselves a free society but are restricted because someone who has no intention of attending might get offended.”

“We were devasted to get the email saying it had been cancelled,” said another. “I have no words. So sorry, Chubby.”

“I feel sorry for the theatre as well,” said another. “Think of all the money that you would have brought in with you coming.”

Another said: “What is the world coming to? Seems like laughter is banned.”

Commenting on the show’s cancellation, Pendle Borough Council confirms that a decision has been taken to cancel the show.  

Rose Rouse, Chief Executive, said: “We understand that this decision will disappoint some people. 

“But we felt strongly that we should request that the Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown show be cancelled in the best interests of our community.”