9 to 5 the Musical Palace Theatre, Manchester

CHEEKY, funny and displaying some impressive musical numbers are just a few ways you could describe both Dolly Parton and her fantastic show.

9 to 5 the Musical burst onto the Palace Theatre stage in Manchester this week, full of colour, great songs, watertight choreography and plenty of laughs.

It follows the storyline of country legend Dolly’s 1980 film, which sees a group of female office workers seeking to bring their misogynist boss back down to earth.

The Jolene singer famously played Doralee in the original movie and this is a role ably taken up by Stephanie Chandos in this tour.

Thanks to some fabulous outfits, a lot of hair and a whole load of ‘chicken fillets’, the actress is transformed into the seemingly ditzy secretary who is constantly fending off the unwanted attention of her boss.

With big stiletto heels to fill (six-inch to be exact), Chandos brings the spirit and sass of Dolly all the way from the US to the North West with cracking vocals to carry off the role.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Stephanie Chandos as Doralee Rhodes PIC: Pamela Raith Photography

A familiar face in the shape of television and musical theatre star Claire Sweeney takes up the part of Violet, a character who you would think definitely deserves a fair promotion.

With a career spanning 20 years, Sweeney brings experience and talent to the trio of diverse leading ladies.

Vivian Panka is superb as Judy, a naive new employee and recent divorcee whose husband left her for his secretary. 

Lancashire Telegraph:

Stephanie Chandos 'Doralee', Claire Sweeney 'Violet', Vivian Panka 'Judy'

Sean Needham is hilarious as the trio’s creepy boss, Franklin Hart, and let’s just say that he gets his comeuppance in outrageously funny style.

Throw in an appearance from Dolly herself, albeit on screen, and a mass singalong to 9 to 5 and you have all the ingredients for a few hours of fantastic escapism from the real world. And who doesn’t need that right now?!

9 to 5 the Musical is at Palace Theatre, Manchester, until Saturday.