Football manager, Sean Dyche, has surprised Jordan North with a personalised message as he rows 100 miles from London to Burnley.

The Burnley FC manager said he and everyone at Jordan’s Turf Moor ‘happy place’ would be cheering him on throughout the Comic Relief challenge.

The clip was shared on BBC Radio 1 yesterday (2 March), as the self-professed Clarets fan finished the third day of his gruelling Comic Relief challenge.



In the clip, Sean said: “Hi Jordan, It’s Sean Dyche here – I know you know who I am.

“Just want to wish you all the best in your journey in your rowing boat.

“Great effort it seems to me for Comic Relief, so I hope that goes well. We will be cheering you on from afar. Take care.”

Jordan was clearly pleased with the message, screaming as the short clip played.

He said: “Oh my God – the gaffer!

“How did you do that!? He doesn’t do stuff like that you know – he’s not one to do stuff like that”.

Radio 1 co-presenter, Vick Hope, said: “He’s a big fan and he thinks what you’re doing is brilliant.”

Jordan started the Comic Relief challenge on Monday (28 February). He will try to row 100 miles of canals before crossing the finish line in Burnley on Friday (4 March).

He has even brought his Burnley FC mascot, Bertie Bee, along for the journey in the form of a teddy bear plushy which sits at the back of his boat.

Lancashire Telegraph: Bertie Bee, Burnley FC's mascot, on Jordan North's boat (Photo@ Instagram/@bbcradio1)Bertie Bee, Burnley FC's mascot, on Jordan North's boat (Photo@ Instagram/@bbcradio1)

Before setting off, Jordan said this would be the “toughest challenge of his life” – and he certainly hasn’t found it easy.

At the end of day three yesterday (2 March), Jordan said: “Mentally this has been the toughest day, it rained for most of it which really affected my mood and energy - plus it makes the whole body feel extra cold.

“I’m absolutely drained.

“I’ll do everything I can to get back on that boat tomorrow but I don’t know how much I’ve got left in me!”

You can make a donation by visiting the Comic Relief website: