A councillor has racked up over 200,000 views on a video - which shows him fixing a road sign.

Tory Councillor Tiger Patel who is known for his quirky videos was true to form on his latest sketch.

In it, he can be seen fixing the road sign on Accrington Road, Blackburn, with plastic cable strings.

The video was watched by more than 70,000 on Twitter and 130,000 on Tik Tok.



Tiger said: “I have been seeing signs falling down and I thought I would fix them myself.

“This one is near Audley Range and people might be using the busy route to find their ways around Blackburn.

“Hopefully, I will going back and putting in some screws myself over the weekend to make sure it is fixed. Even this is temporary.

“If I spot anything in my ward like this, I will be happy to help.”

Tiger became a household name last year when he shared a bizarre video walking through a playground to the ‘Tabdeeli Ayi Re’ song made famous during Imran Khan’s Pakistan election campaign. At the end of the video he was unknowingly stood next to some rude graffiti.

Twitter users let their views known on the latest video. 

@Simon_Activist wrote: "Top man! I used to go out cleaning graffiti as soon as I saw it in my village. Only takes 30 minutes, and it stops it re-occurring if you do it straight away."

@mrEggy101 said: "That's the spirit Councillor. It looks much better fastened up. Now if I lived nearby I'd stick my 'cable tie cutters' in my pocket & pop along there and snip the excess zip off. I'm sure someone will and the jobs a goodun."

@StopTheClimateB posted: "Street furniture, fixtures and fittings is literally what council tax is meant for. If the process doesn’t work then he should be putting his effort into getting that changed. I’ve not seen cable tied street signs where I live."

The Audley and Queens Park Ward councillor who called himself ‘Blackburn’s Boris’ was pressed about his views on the ongoing Partygate affair where the Prime Minister and others around him were said to have to have attended parties during Covid lockdowns.

He said: “I would rather not comment at the moment and wait for the police investigation to finish.”