A primary school teacher has set up a book hunt for children to take part in during half term

Ashlee Colvin from Great Harwood, who is an Usborne Partner, has been hiding books around the town ready for children to find and keep.

The mum-of-one said she saw the idea of a book hunt being mentioned on some Facebook groups and thought it sounded like a great idea.

Lancashire Telegraph: Aslee Colvin and her husband Tom and their baby

She said: "I wasn't sure if I would be able to do one in Great Harwood so I decided to contact a few local businesses and put a message in the ‘Harwood is our hometown’ Facebook group.

"From that I got messages from four businesses, Target Tuition, That Boho Company, Trinity Methodist Church and Churchfield House, saying they wanted to get involved."

With the businesses on board, Mrs Colvin, 32, went and ordered 150 books from Usborne and set about hiding them around the town.

She added: "I started hiding the books on Saturday and they are being hidden throughout the half term week and beyond.

Lancashire Telegraph: The books are being hidden in all sorts of places across Great Harwood

"I have had help hiding them from my husband and two friends, which has been a big help."

The book hunt is aimed at children from aged four to nine, and Mrs Colvin says that once the books have been found, the children can either keep them or read and re-hide them for more children to enjoy.

She continued: "I would absolutely love to run this event again and have the books ranging from young toddlers, up to 14 years of age.

"In order to achieve this however, it relies on the support of local businesses. The reaction of the people of Great Harwood has been phenomenal though and I couldn’t have asked for better support or more positive words.

Lancashire Telegraph: The books are being hidden in all sorts of places across Great Harwood

"The post I put on the Great Harwood Facebook page has received over 160 likes and over 40 comments as well as many shares. All saying what a lovely idea it was.

"It honestly would not have been possible without the four fantastic businesses who donated money though. All the messages and comments are really grateful and positive too."

Mrs Colvin said she's hoping to run the event again and is aiming to do one in Clitheroe over the Easter holidays.

She said: "If all goes well and I get business support again, I want to do one again across the entirety of the Summer holidays in Great Harwood.

"I am also running a stall in June at the Great Harwood agricultural show in the community tent, where I will be running a ‘book hunt’ type event there too.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"If it continues to be successful, who knows, maybe I will run them in each season, with different themes to capture the children’s interests.

"As a primary school teacher and a mother myself, I believe that reading is so important for children. Whether it’s being read to or reading themselves.

"I have seen the joy books can bring and it’s lovely to see."

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