A woman was found dead in a flat after taking a 'cocktail of drugs'.

Roxanna Culff, of Park Lee Road, Blackburn, died on June 25, after having been found in a flat on Dyson Street, Blackburn.

An inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard how Roxanna, 49, had been in the flat with the two occupants who woke to found her and called the emergency services.

Ambulance crews attended and attempted CPR but were unsuccessful.

Police, including Sgt Alec Booth, attended and found evidence of methadone use in the flat and a bag full of needles.

Roxanna had during her life had necrotising fasciitis of the hip – which is known as the “flesh-eating disease”.

She had had a hip operation and a chunk missing from her hip which caused her great pain for which she was prescribed morphine.

A toxicology report by Dr Stephanie Martin from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals found that Roxanna had an fatal volume of morphine and some codeine in her system – which could indicate heroin use.

The report also indicated a number of other drugs in her system, all respiratory suppressants, including diazepam and pregabalin.

Reading the report, Coroner Richard Taylot said: “There is a very high concentration of total morphine in the blood work which may suggest a fatal heroin overdose.”

Her family however believe that she may have just taken morphine, which she had been prescribed by her doctor, and managed to acquire cocaine as they believe she would not have known how to inject herself.

Mr Taylor Taylor said: “She would take these drugs and just fall asleep.

“She took a cocktail of drugs that her body has simply not been able to cope with.”

Mr Taylor concluded that Roxanne’s death was a drug related.