Police are warning people to be on high alert due to a number of Hanoi burglaries carried out by organised crime groups.

Car keys are being stolen from houses using various methods, with the cars then being stolen themselves.

The incidents are taking place across South Ribble, Leyland and Chorley, with high value and high-performance vehicles being targeted.

A police spokesperson said: "At the moment we are suffering incidents of Hanoi burglaries (car keys stolen out of house by various methods then the cars get stolen) across South Ribble, Leyland and Chorley.

"These are offenders who are part of an organised crime group who are travelling cross border into the county to commit the crimes on our area.

"They are organised and are looking at targeting high value and high-performance vehicles that our residents have worked hard to afford.

"Please be assured we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to tackle this which for obvious reasons I cannot disclose on here, but this is an ask from me to be extra vigilant now.

"We have had a few attempt thefts that have been disturbed by the homeowners and the thieves have run away, one of the not so lucky victims heard his car alarm going off but when he checked didn’t see anything and went back to bed, minutes later the car went off the drive. Please stay vigilant.

"Keep the keys as far away from the car as possible and preferably in a faraday bag or tin foil to stop the thieves using a relay device.

"Keep the keys put away so if they unfortunately do get into the house they can’t find them, if you are lucky enough to have multiple vehicles, block them in with each other.

"If we make it hard work for them, they will go elsewhere.

"We want to make Lancashire too much of a hostile environment for these thieves to work in and if we all come together, we can do that.

"If anybody would like some crime prevention advice, please feel free to get in touch with your local policing team."

Please report to us any suspicious activity via 999 or 101 or anything that looks out of the ordinary that will help police help you in the meantime.